10 Tips for your First Housewarming Party

Dec 8, 2017

If you’re like me and love a good social event, moving into a new apartment is the perfect excuse to throw a party. A housewarming party allows you to show off your new place to friends and family while celebrating your accomplishments – what could be better? It may seem like a piece of cake to throw a party, but so much goes into planning for a fantastic housewarming party. Keep this list handy if you’re going to throw one of your very own.

1. Put together a guest list

Sit down and put together a guest list of those you want to see at your housewarming. I find it helpful to go through my contact list so I don’t forget anyone. Discuss with your roommate or spouse the amount of people you wish to have. Because of the amount of space and noise, you may have to make a few cuts to it. Once you have a solid list, begin planning for the amount of food and drinks you’ll need.

2. Create and apply a theme to the invitations

Your invitations will set the mood for the party, so make sure they reflect the theme you’re trying to create. For a small soiree, keep the invitations simple and cute. If it’s for a more energetic party, make the invites fun and exciting – perhaps include some confetti within the invite? Facebook users should design a cover photo for their e-invitation.

3. Highlight the details within the invite

Your invite should include the following details:

  • If food is served.
  • If beer/wine will be provided, or if it’s B.Y.O.B.
  • The start time and end time.
  • The address, location, and building name or number.
  • If guests are allowed a +1.
  • A special ‘thank you’ note.

4. Send the invitations

After you create the invitations, you send them. For mail invites, get them sent out a month in advance with a RSVP deadline of two weeks before the date. For Facebook digital invites, create the page three weeks in advance. Ask that everyone RSVP 7 days prior in the comment section.

5. Create the menu

Since it’s a housewarming party, there’s going to be lots of mingling and movement throughout the apartment. Your guests will become hungry with all the chatter and moving around, so make sure you have some food to serve. Finger foods are probably best, such as mini sausages, a cheese and fruit platter, and home-style meatballs.

I prefer to ask friends and family to bring a small dish to the party, as it adds variety to the menu. Make sure you have enough for the party guests. As for drinks, you’ll obviously save more by making it a B.Y.O.B. party – but, have at least one drink prepared for guests upon arrival. Some ideas include popping champagne or homemade red or white sangria.

Don’t forget to serve some non-alcoholic drinks like sparkling water or cola.

6. Run out to the store for supplies

I like to keep all of my party supplies within the same color palettes since it looks more sophisticated and planned out. Yes, serving dishes with plastic utensils isn’t the most glamorous, but if you invest in a fun design, your guests will appreciate the effort.

Party supplies needed for a housewarming party:

  • Plastic cups and cutlery
  • Paper plates
  • Disposable tablecloth
  • Holiday or twinkle lights
  • Large punch bowl
  • Large serving bowls and plates
  • Toothpicks
  • Napkins
  • Candles

7. Set the mood for the party

Light candles and hang twinkle/holiday lights to set the mood inside the apartment. If you have an outdoor space, tiki torches help keep the ambient light flowing. Create a playlist with both upbeat and slower tunes for a cool mix.

8. Start cleaning

Cleaning should be pretty obvious since you’re throwing a party. Take an afternoon to really scrub every inch of the space. That way, it’ll be beautiful and spotless for your guests seeing the home for the first time. Clean the floors, walls, kitchen, bathroom and living room.

9. Keep the atmosphere warm and fun

Nothing is more exciting then hearing the first ring of the doorbell. When people start to arrive, begin the introductions and show them the apartment. A fabulous host makes sure everyone is at home and comfortable. You may be playing server by offering refills on drinks or carrying around a dessert tray with bite-size treats. Mingle with everyone and enjoy the moment.

10. Send a thank you

After the party, send a ‘thank you’ to all of your guests that came to celebrate. It could be something as simple as a text, or you could make it more personable by writing a note. Be sure to thank guests for any gifts and for helping you celebrate your new home.

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Copyright © 2018 Amenify Corporation.
All Rights Reserved.

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